Going Green

Going Green Electrical work and renovation

At Highlights Chicago we care about the environment and are committed to helping our clients achieve energy efficiency. Focus on energy sustainability is even more important in case a client is seeking to obtain a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) designation for the building. Experienced electrical contractors can make a difference in many ways that contribute to LEED credits. Our electrical designers have extensive experience in the LEED certification process and can assist owners/architects with creative design input to ensure that the project secures a maximum number of credits.

Energy sustainability does not only have to be considered when pursuing LEED certification. Decreasing energy consumption saves energy and results in substantial cost savings. Small changes in energy usage, for example, turning off lights when exiting the room, investing in Energy Star® appliances and seeking alternative electricity providers, lead to energy efficiency and lessen the burden on our environment.

Below please find a list of additional resources that provide guidance on environmentally friendly ways to achieve energy efficiency.

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