• I am purchasing a new home and would like an experienced electrician to see if the electrical work was done properly. Is this a service you provide?

    Yes. We will be happy to do a thorough inspection of your prospective home, condo, or cottage. We will provide you with a written report on what we find.

  • I just purchased a new dishwasher. Can you run a line?

    Yes, we can gladly help take care of the electrical aspect of all of your kitchen appliances.

  • I am thinking about installing electric heat in my home. Is this a service you provide?

    Yes, electric heat can be clean, safe and cost-effective. We’d be happy to give you a free estimate on how we can get the job done right without too much interruption to your home life.

  • Should electrical appliances be used during the storm?

    A lightning strike may send a power surge into the homes electrical system through water to an open outlet. For best protection, turn off your electronic equipment (non essential), even if you use surge protector.

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