Under Cabinet

Under Cabinet

Under-cabinet lighting can be as simple as task lighting for a kitchen when dicing vegetables or as artistic as a statement piece that defines the feel of your home.

It provides bright lighting just where you need it and when you need it. It can also double as evening lighting, allowing you to turn off bright overhead lights in favor of dimmer, moodier lighting from a concealed, discreet source. Under cabinet lighting comes in LED, fluorescent (inexpensive and cool, but not dimmable) and incandescent. LED is the most energy efficient of all the options.

Many LED fixtures are designed to be direct-wired. This system requires a 120V power source for each unit, which means their placement will have to be carefully planned by an electrician, ideally at the same time as cabinet installation. Direct-wire systems can be installed retroactively into a completed kitchen, but will likely require some heavier renovation work, since you’ll need to cut into the backsplash wall. An alternate installation option is plug-in.

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