Temporary power

Temporary power

Temporary electrical power systems can be equally as dangerous as any permanent installation, especially when installed by non qualified person. That is why all electrical installations have to be installed by a qualified electrician, who can perform the work in compliance with the NEC standards. Even though temporary, these systems have to serve the purpose, for example the construction phase. They have to be well planned, which is why you want to leave it in the hands of licensed employees of the Chicago Highlights. We will consult you in regard with when you want to use it, for which purposes, by how many people, what kind of equipment do you need to use during this phase, and will this system transfer to permanent power.

Another thing to keep in mind is to install temporary electrical system bearing in mind it has to be protected from environmental conditions: solar heating, water, snow, ice, etc. All electrical equipment needs to be installed with protection from environmental conditions in mind. If equipment must be installed outdoors, install equipment with canopy and covers. Minimize exposure to solar heating, water, snow, and ice.

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