Riser Management Services

Riser Management Services

The responsibility of the internal cabling infrastructure of the building telecommunications riser systems has largely fallen on owners and managers. The integrity of the system is one of the focal points which helps attract the best tenants. The complexity of the management of such infrastructure calls for involvement of highly experienced technicians.

Highlights Chicago provides skilled professionals who are well versed in needs and requirements of building riser technologies. We partner with building owners and managers to help them implement controls over riser systems, while managing the infrastructure to meet the needs of their tenants. It is our primary responsibility to keep the risers secure and functioning at peak performance.

As part of the riser management, Highlights Chicago resumes control of the closet in which riser is housed and is responsible for maintaining the system as well as designing plans to accommodate future expansion. Additionally, we can also conduct an audit of an existing system and propose ways to optimize the operations. We are experts in installing new network, rewiring and maintaining existing systems.

Our team of repair technicians exclusively dedicated to riser management is available 24 hours a day. Our clients know that in case of an emergency, help is only a phone call away.

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