Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Proper parking lot lighting provides safety and security to customers and employees, and serves as a deterred to vandals.

There are number of challenges that need to be considered when designing effective parking lot lighting. The first challenge is to provide good visibility with minimum glare. Second is to illuminate small “corridors” formed by adjacent parked cars. Third, configure a system that is cost effective. To address those issues, our team of highly trained professionals will evaluate requirements of a particular site and design optimal strategy to properly illuminate the area.
The scope of our services entails recommending appropriate pole height and type of material, to ensure that it complies with wind velocities in the particular region. We will recommend fixtures that output adequate level of light to provide increased security and adhere to local code. Additionally, we specialize in sourcing and installing fixtures that are energy efficient, which results in substantial cost savings for the owner as compared to the standard fixtures.

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