Hot tubs and spa circuits

Hot tubs and spa circuits

Let’s face it! Adding a spa or a hot tub to your home will increase you quality of life for 100 %. Imagine this, once a luxury available to few, within your reach every day. You can relax, heal your body, and rejuvenate in your own house.

But please keep in mind that hot tubs do not run on regular 120c circuit. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends installing and using ground-fault circuit-interrupters (GFCIs) for protection against hazards involving electrical circuits and underwater lighting circuits in and around pools, spas, and hot tubs. The National Electric Code (NEC) requires that a disconnect switch be within visible distance from the pump, but at least 5 feet away from the edge of the tub.

Clearly this is a project that should be left to professionals, like our electricians in Chicago Highlights. We will make sure that the wiring is done up to code, and that it is installed in the wright place, as demanded by NEC.

Call today, and create in-spa experience in your home in a safe and affordable manner with Chicago Highlights!

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