Home generator is source of backup power that allows you to continue using essential appliances and lights during a blackout. An unexpected power outage is more than just spoiled food and loss of light. Without electricity, basements can flood and security systems can falter. Blackout may result in a potentially life threatening situations, such as loss of air conditioning during hot summer days or heat during frigid winters; loss of power for electrically operated medical equipment can have dire consequences.

There are various models to choose from. The two main types of generators that are suitable for homes are portable or stationary. Portable generators run on variety of fuels such as gasoline, diesel or natural gas. However, they have short run time and need to be refilled on regular basis. Stationary generator, on the other hand, is already connected to the house wiring and source of fuel and can start automatically or with a push of a button. Main advantage is that stationary generators can run for longer periods of time without refilling. Periodically, the motor oil has to be changed as part of the regular maintenance.

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