Garbage disposal

Garbage disposal

If your garbage disposal stopped working, it can be electrical problem. Maybe disposal cable became loose. In that case it can fall off and create potentially dangerous circumstances. Not every garbage disposal has the same requirements (depending on types of conduit, disconnect / switch), so you need to have your type wired in accordance with its code. Wiring connection must be concealed within the wire compartment box mostly at the base of the unit. It might be hard wired, or connected with an approved cord and plug. Like refrigerators, all types of the garbage disposal wiring require dedicated type of a connector at the appliance wall penetration. Conduit or cord must be secured in place and connection checked periodically.

Some communities do not allow garbage disposer because of limits on sewer capacity. Make sure you are familiar with all the rules and possibilities before you intend to install one.

Instead of that, you can leave it to the professionals who can install new, replace old (usual work life of garbage disposal units is around 12 years), repair broken and maintain working garbage disposal. Our experts know the code, laws and are licensed to do it for you.

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