Fuse Box Replacement

Fuse Box Replacement

The fuse box is an equivalent of the electrical service panel that contains circuit breakers. Fuse box controls the electrical service within the house. It provides over current protection through the use of fuses, similar to individual circuit breakers. The fuses are designed for use in general lighting but do not power circuits that contain electric motors.

A fuse box that has exceeded its life expectancy or has not been maintained properly can create a serious safety issue. The first sign of a need of repair might be the frequency with which fuses blow out. The main reasons for fuses blowing are: wiring may become loose over the years and needs to be re-attached securely. The wiring insulation may also be worn or torn and is contacting the ground. A licensed electrician should inspect the fuse box to avoid the risk of fire.

At Highlights Chicago, our team of expert technicians is knowledgeable about repairing or replacing the fuse box. We will conduct a through inspection of the box and wiring. We will report our finding including recommendations on how to resolve any issues through repair or replacement of the fuse box.

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