Fire & Safety Prevention

Fire & Safety Prevention

In today’s highly global world seamless operation is viewed a core competence of any business. Preventing disruption to company’s operations due to fire is a high priority for any risk manager. Fire Safety lies at the core of the risk management.

The key to controlling fire damage is to detect a fire at its earliest stages. By the time smoke is present to activate smoke detectors, the damage has already been done. As result. equipment and premises are in need of expensive clean up. In addition, recovery costs can amount to thousands of dollars. Downtime for any business is a is downtime for its customers. That, in turn impacts company’s reputation and, ultimately, its bottom line. Which is why early detection is so important. Ensuring that strobes, bells, alarms and voice systems function properly saves lives and money.

Highlights Chicago team is highly experienced in designing and installing prevention systems that utilize the most advanced technology available on the market. Our engineers will design a complete, integrated system customized for a particular facility, which will include detection, alarm, suppression and control functions. We can develop a brand new system or inspect existing components and ensure that they work seamlessly together to guarantee safety.

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