Emergency light

Emergency light

Safety above all! Not only that we are all worried about our loved ones but there is a law in place that requests that each and every commercial and private building has emergency light fixtures. Our licensed electricians are here to help you comply with federal, state and Chicago laws and keep your property safe. Let us help you plan, purchase and install your emergency lights so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

If an emergency happens, having your lights up to code can save lives. They will assist in appropriate handling of the accident, and prevent possible lawsuits. We can help you choose solutions for the interior and exterior of the building, whether you want fluorescent, self-luminous, LED, metal halide and photo-luminescent lights. We offer a wide variety of fixtures made of thermoplastic, aluminum, and steel.

Make sure they are installed by experts, like those from Highlights Chicago, so they don’t fail you in the most critical moment. Our educated electricians will be there for you, just a phone call away, 24 hours per day!

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