Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops given their charm and allure have become an integral part of any neighborhood – a place to meet friends, savor specialty coffee, lounge in a comfy leather sofa and enjoy the latest issue of favorite magazine; or simply an inviting spot from which to observe the rhythm of a neighborhood.
Irrespective of their various functionalities, coffee shops are designed to draw people together and provide an inviting environment for them to stay.

There are many elements that create inviting and comfortable ambiance: good coffee, comfortable sofas, relaxing colors, soothing music, smiling staff. We believe that proper lighting is what brings all those individual components together to create unique, appealing and relaxing space that will draw people in.

At Highlights Chicago our lighting specialists are experienced in designing lighting solutions that not only create soothing ambiance but also are practical as parts of the shop that are used by staff, must be properly lit without interrupting general feel of the space. Hence, its imperative that the size and type of fixtures are properly chosen and strategically placed to create a sense of calm, comfort and relaxation. At Highlights Chicago our extensive lighting experience helps our clients to turn an ordinary coffee shop into an extraordinary experience for their patrons.

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