Code violation correction

Code Violation Corrections

Many brave homeowners take on electrical work in the course of everyday household maintenance. While many of the repairs are routine and relatively minor, it is still easy to make a code-violating error that could result in major electrical problem or fires.

Among the common errors that we have observed are: damaging the jacket of non-metallic sheathed cable; mixing line- and low-voltage wires; not using a splice box when installing a new light fixture; overcrowding holes with too many wires; and putting HVAC ducts too close to carbon-monoxide and smoke detectors.

At Highlights Chicago we are committed to safety. Our electricians are licensed and well versed in rules and regulations mandated not only by the National Electrical Code but also local and municipal codes. Our technicians have experience and expertise to detect and repair code violations. We are committed to ensuring safety of our clients and their homes.

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