Circuit Overload

Circuit Overload

It is estimated that over 40,000 residential fires are caused by overloading electrical circuits every year in the United States. Causes include arc faults, short circuits, or overloading of electrical circuits.

What can homeowners do?

  • Taxidermy squid woIf a fuse blows or circuit breaker trips frequently, have one of our team members determine what the problem is and fix it.lf, blue bottle heart.
  • If the main electrical panel has circuit breakers, flip them off and back on once a year. This will help keep them working.
  • If extension cords or plug adaptors are being used to plug multiple appliances into the same outlet, one of our electricians can install more outlets on new or different branch circuits.
  • Using power strips (or multiple outlet surge protectors) with their own circuit breaker protection is better than using extension cords to plug in multiple appliances or electronics. The circuit breaker protection assures that not too many appliances are plugged in and drawing electricity at once.
  • ever run appliance cords or extension cords under carpet. They are designed to be kept cool by movement of room air around the cord.
  • If any outlet or switch wall plates feel hot to the touch, have one of our electricians determine the problem and fix it.
  • Circuits can only handle a specified total wattage of all electrical devices plugged into and running on a branch circuit at one time.

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