SPA and Beauty Salon

SPA and Beauty Salon

Someone once said that the pulse of any neighborhood can be measured by the activity in its beauty salons. Whether the statement is accurate or not, the fact is that beauty salons form a staple of any community; generally focusing on providing hair care and nail treatment services to the local residents. Beauty salons serve an additional purpose – they are designed to draw people together and provide an inviting environment for them to stay.

Beauty salons often feature open layout concepts punctuated by individual stylist stations and sections devoted to specific services. Appropriately designed lighting is an integral part of creating an environment in which customers will feel comfortable and the stylists will have ample light to do their job.

At Highlights Chicago we have the expertise to design lighting solutions that create soothing ambiance and provide adequate light throughout the space. Atmosphere and functionality are the primary focus of a beauty salon lighting system; however, other elements such as environmental safety and cost efficiency are also important. Through using fixtures that are environmentally friendly or made from recycled materials and use LED bulbs, we help beauty salon owners cut costs without sacrificing quality of lighting. That is especially important because beauty salons use a considerable amount of energy each day therefore even minor incremental changes result in substantial savings.

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