Bathroom exhaust fan

Bathroom exhaust fan

You love your bathroom, it is your oasis of peace and all of the sudden the black spots start turning up all around it. The mold has found its way in and is concurring your space. You try different cleaning products, more or less effective, but it does not solve the source of the problem. And this problem is not only visual, it can have serious health consequences.

Bathrooms by the nature of their function have excess moisture that leads to the mold. In order to decrease the moisture, you need an exhaust fan. It helps clear the steam and prevents mold forming and tiles damage. It also removes bad smells and improves air quality.

Whether you want to replace and old fan or want to install one, Highlights experts will help you. They will assist you in assessing your needs, like what type and size of the fan you need, so it can serve the purpose. You can choose a standard exhaust fan, or you can decide to go for one that is a combination of a fan and a heater. Maybe you want a noise-dampening addition or one with humidity sensor (highly recommended – it will automatically turn the fan on when the humidity reaches a certain point). Also, you can combine it with lightning or decorative elements. You don’t have to make these decisions alone. Call us today!

If you are replacing an old fan with a new one, our skilled electrician will help you ensure that there is no damage to the existing wires. Furthermore, if wiring needs to be changed and rearranged, our top of the class employees are the right choice.

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