Commercial Garage

Commercial Garage

Commercial garage operators know that safety and security of their patrons and their vehicles are of the most importance. If the garage is not viewed as a safe place to park, customers will take their business elsewhere. That’s why proper lighting is critical.

The choice of fixtures will be largely dictated by the height of the structure’s ceiling. If height exceeds 25 feet, high bay lights are recommended, for structures with lower ceiling heights, lower bay lights will be adequate.

Choosing right bulbs provides myriad of benefits: bulbs that eliminate shadows prevent vandals; they also allow surveillance cameras to capture clear images in an event of theft or vandalism. In addition to providing adequate lights, bulbs should also be energy efficient. Today’s energy efficient bulbs burn in excess of 10,000 hours, keeping operating costs down.
Our trained lighting experts can assist in designing and implementing a high impact strategy to meet the needs of commercial garage owners and their clients.

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