GFCI receptacles

GFCI receptacles

A ground fault circuit interrupter (of GFCI) detects dangerous power conditions and immediately adjusts to protect the user by turn off the electricity.

Two-thirds of all electrocutions in U.S. homes could be prevented if people installed the receptacles. A ground fault happens whenever electricity escapes the confines of the wiring in an appliance, or other electricity source takes a shortcut to the ground. When that short cut is through a human, the results can be deadly.  According to the National Electrical Code, a “ground fault” is a conducting connection (whether intentional or accidental) between any electric conductor and any conducting material that is grounded or that may become grounded. The GFCI monitors the flow and if it exceeds certain levels, shuts off the flow in an instant. This is a life-saving device and you want professionals to take care of proper installation and maintenance.

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