Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting

For those that want their lighting options to blend seamlessly into the room as a whole, recessed lighting is a popular option. But while is it unobtrusive, the installation of recessed lighting requires careful integration with the structure of the home.

As the name suggests, it is a light fixture that is recessed. A traditional recessed light fixture is installed into a ceiling and is composed of three main parts: a housing that rests above the ceiling, a trim which can be seen at the ceiling opening, and a light bulb which provides the illumination( can be halogens, fluorescents, traditional incandescents, or LED). Recessed lighting typically provides most or all of the general lighting in a room. They can also be used as good task lighting when directly focused over a particular area. While choosing the right trim is largely based on your personal taste, choosing the right housing can be a little more technical. That is where we can greatly help with our team of experienced technicians.

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