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Accent lighting

Accent lighting is another way for you to style your home and give it additional texture and mood. Accent lighting typically focuses on one specific area to highlight art or a special area.

Lighting which puts a certain element in your house or garden in the spotlight, is called accent lighting. You can use it to highlight a painting, a bookshelf, fireplace, closets those wonderful spots of your interior design, that simply would not pop out if not light properly.

Feel relaxed and leave it to the professionals. Tell us your ideas, what do you want to emphasize and we will design and install in fashionable and safe manner all the accent lights that will enhance your home, as a piece of art. Accent lighting is achieved by properly locating directional fixtures or bulbs. These fixtures should be located close to the object they illuminate. Avoid direct and reflected glare by using proper mounting locations and aiming angles and choosing fixtures that have baffles or shields to prevent a view of the light source. Install separate controls for accent fixtures so they can be used only when needed and sensitive objects such as photographs and artwork are exposed to less light. Create effective highlights and save energy by reducing the ambient light in the space surrounding the accented object.

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